Top Editor’s picks from The CASE Journal (TCJ)

January 2024

We are the dreamers, we let it happen: Morocco’s soccer team leadership story (Published: 11 September 2023): This case makes an interesting connection between football (soccer) and leadership styles of Morroco’s 2022 World Cup qualifying team. The case provides a fresh perspective to discuss leadership styles that are not focused on leaders of Fortune listed corporations.


Business Management
Algorithm justice – moving towards equitable artificial intelligence (Published: 4 May 2023): Artificial intelligence is among the most popular topics in the news media and is increasingly being integrated into business school curriculum. According to Dr. K’s LinkedIn profile, the case was “written to make management students, who are future managers, aware of the risks of fully depending on AI predictions for decision-making.”


Decision-making using regression analysis: a case study on Top Tier Holidays LLP (Published: 7 February 2023): This primary-research case presents students with a scenario in the tourism and hospitality industry to utilise business analytics to inform managerial decision-making. This case provides firm-level data for students to analyse, and provides instructors with a resource to easily integrate STEM (technology, math) into business curriculum.


Tequila Arette® (Published: 10 April 2023): Tequila continues to solidify itself as one of the most popular alcoholic spirits internationally. Against the backdrop of rising demand, this case explored the domestic and international growth prospects for a family-owned Mexican tequila business called Arette ®.


Where’s the yolk – did you just call that mayonnaise? (Published: 5 May 2023): This case poses an interesting business law question, can an entrepreneurial start-up name a product that does not contain eggs Just May? Unilever—the owner of Hellman’s Mayonnaise—did not think so, and sued the start-up for false advertising that harmed its sales.

Human Resource Management
Disney princess speaks out (Published: 3 April 2023): Walt Disney Company frequently received coverage by the traditional the news media, including stories about corporate governance. What the company likely did not expect is for Abigail Disney—the granddaughter of Roy Disney—to criticise CEO Iger’s 2019 $65.6 million (USD) compensation package on social media.